What You Need to Know About Drug Testing in Schools

What You Need to Know About Drug Testing in Schools

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Drug testing is quite common when a person is applying for a job at a company that wishes to be known for having a drug free environment. If a person is arrested for a drug charge, it is common for drug testing to be part of a person’s punishment and/or probation. But what about drug testing in schools? Do you feel that this will keep your child safe? Will it help prevent your child from using drugs at all? Learn what you need to know about drug testing in schools so you can then make an informed decision regarding your child.

Drug use is universally a problem. Unfortunately, younger and younger children are using drugs. What can we blame for this increasing drug use in today’s times? We could blame television and movies, the glamorization of drugs.

Perhaps we could throw a bit of blame toward the media and the celebrities whose pictures are splashed across headlines every time the word drug can be used. When it all boils down, the two main factors that may influence whether or not a child will experiment with drugs is prevention by his or her parents or guardians and peer pressure.

Drug Testing in Schools

While it is true that a parent can not keep their eyes on a child at all times, it is also very true that a parent can use methods to be very well aware of their child’s whereabouts and activities. Even single mothers can know what their child is doing, with whom and when. It is when a parent lets down their guard and chooses the easier way out of “my child would never” there is not one child in this world that can fit into the category of “never”. There are too many determining circumstances. Too much can happen when a child is alone with their peers. No matter what has been said in talks to discourage drug use or what the child has been taught regarding negative effects here is always the “What if”. And this “what if” is where drug testing comes in.

Drug Test in High School

What you need to know about drug testing in schools is that it is guided by very strict rules and regulations. This is not done to take away any freedoms. Most parents will agree that this is a great method to keep track of a child and to ensure that they are safe from drugs. Not only will your child be tested so that if testing positive, intervention can be done to keep your child away from using anymore; but also child that are abusing drugs can be given treatment options so that they are not tempting your child with drugs. The school becomes a safer environment, your child is safer, and any child who is using is given an opportunity to receive help. This is a win-win-win situation.

Drug Tests in Schools

If you have any concerns about a false positive reading, rest assured. Most tests are done in four distinct steps and a second test is usually part of this method. A child is asked to offer a collection, this is usually done by a urine sample; a painless and common method. The container will be immediately sealed so to eliminate any mistake of mixing up containers. If a reading comes back positive, it is re-checked to be sure of the results. The second test is usually a more thorough and detailed test. Then, a doctor or nurse will review the results to be sure that there are no prescribed medications that could affect the result. Urine testing negative are eliminated and disposed of.


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  1. As we spoke about drug testing in work environment, When it comes down to shools you should be straight forward with them from the start. I would want to have students to be straight forward from the beginning to make the school environment a safer place. Lying just shows so much dishonesty. The school should enforce a drug testing this way the student is taken care of and other students are left alone from the peer pressure!

  2. Why not test students. If we catch them using now maybe we can stop them from using later in life. Parents can simply go on the internet and purchase instant tests to make sure their children are clean. Plus just having a screen around is a great deterrent.

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