The Contents of a First Aid Kit – What Should Be In...

The Contents of a First Aid Kit – What Should Be In One

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First aid kits can vary from person to person and group to group, depending on personal needs and the activities that one may get involved in. There are some basic items such as band aids that should be in every person’s kit, regardless.

After including these essential items, a first aid kit should be tailored to personal needs and include item such as a bee sting kit, ace bandages, and a first aid guide to assist in the event of an emergency.

First aid kits can vary in their structure and contents. Depending on how many people they are supposed to serve may determine the quantity of some objects, such as how many bandages are contained in the kit. The level of activity or types of activities those individuals engage in can help determine the needs of the kit and what should be in it.

First Aid Tips

In general, a first aid kit for any group should always contain bandages in several types and sizes. Band aids are very inexpensive and a quick way to treat most cuts or wounds depending on their nature and size. To go with the assortment of band aids that should be in the first aid kit, triple antibiotic ointment or cream, an antiseptic spray, or alcohol wipes if not all three are a wise idea to clean and sterilize wounds prior to covering them with the proper bandage.

First Aid Kit

Gauze and tape can be necessary for covering larger wounds, and having gauze square pads to lie underneath the gauze wrapping is a wise choice rather than having the wrap stick to wounds. These materials can come in handy for treating such wounds as burns or very large cuts. Gauze and tape can also help in the splinting process in the event of a broken bone or a severe sprain. Latex gloves should always be in the kit to protect those who are treating the wounds of others. Other nonmedical items such as a flashlight, tweezers, and a pocketknife can help in an emergency.

First Aid Training

For those who have a first aid kit that will be serving children, special care and consideration should be given to their needs. Sometimes it is appropriate to buy things in smaller sizes that will better fit a child, or that will not be so uncomfortable when applied.

First Aid Kit

Other considerations should go to personal needs. Including medications is always a wise idea as essentials like aspirin can come in handy in the event of a suspected heart attack or just a painful injury. A bee sting kit can be useful for more than just bee stings. Ace bandages in one or two sizes can be useful in securing sprains, strains, broken bones, or old injuries that have been reinjured until medical treatment is obtained. For those who have proper training in first aid and CPR, having a CPR mask in the kit might help if there is ever a need for one. A first aid quick reference guide can come in handy when treating wounds, even if those who may be using it have not had official training. When in doubt, including an item is better than leaving it out.


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