The 28 Day Detox Diet and Beyond by Carol Vorderman

The 28 Day Detox Diet and Beyond by Carol Vorderman

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Carol Vorderman is leading the detox craze with the follow-up book to her popular video, 28 Day Detox Diet.

She has teamed up once again with Ko Chohan, creator of the detox diet, to provide guidance to those wanting to lose weight, gain energy and feel better about themselves.

If you are new to the detox diet, don’t fret: the book covers the same ground as the video, explaining what detoxing is, why we should do it and how to go about it. Unlike the video it then offers recipes for those stuck on what to do with pulses, vegetables, grains and not much else.

It also suggests ways of integrating the principles of detox into your life once you’ve completed the 28-day plan…

Vorderman Detox Tips

Vorderman is a friendly guide on this detox tour. She admits that it’s not easy – and she’s right. No carbohydrates, dairy products, meat, caffeine or alcohol. But the idea isn’t as scary as it first sounds. The strict guidelines are only for 28 days, not a lifetime. The genius of this book is that Vorderman somehow convinces you that cutting out everything you love from your diet – chocolate, coffee, cheese – is not only a good idea, but is an attainable one…


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  1. Came off this after two days – the carrot and apple kick start had me wretching at breakfast on day one. Thought it would get better but by day two I was ill at the thought of what I was about to eat next. Have resigned myself to the fact that if I eat healthy enough with a little of what you can’t have now and again it’ll work for me – and it has! This detox thing certainly is not natural! Sorry Carol!

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