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The concern for the use of illicit drugs in the work place is one of the main reasons why drug testing has become so popular in recent times; drug abused has resulted in accidents which in turn have caused loss of productivity in work places.

Zero tolerance to drug abuse in work places, as well as every other spheres of human Endeavour including sports has reduced crimes and accidents relating to drug abuse worldwide, there are still much to be done as different people now device means of cheating drug detection.

Drug abuse also had its way into the military and not until 1981 when drug testing was introduced into the United States military did we had some sanity put in place. Drug testing has been able to curb drug abuse in three major ways; the probability of getting caught, the fear of being punished and the severity of the punishment that are being meted out t defaulters. The way a drug test is structured will largely determine its success, some organizations limit their testing until after an accident has occurred and that will reduce the deterrence level of such testings. Review

The fact that personnels or staffs are asked to submit samples for drug testing leaves room for many individuals to alter the composition of such sample and as a result most test results are either altered or do not detect a significant level of drug abuse.

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Random drug sample collections make drug testing less effective, it will also leave a room for some staffs buying out test results. If samples can be collected openly then such tests will be very accurate and will leave no room for any alteration to the sample, however most people do claim that their privacy will be invaded if an open sample collection method is allowed. Regardless of how the sample is collected, drug testing has improved drastically over the years and advance testing technology has been able to detect even some form of alterations to the samples used in various drug test methods. Drug testing will remain effective if proper guidelines are followed in such tests.

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