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Hair drug screening can be performed in so many ways and the kind of drugs that are tested for include; marijuana, methamphetamine, PCP and opiates among several others. The use of anti-depressants can also be detected through the hair, and before the screening is done, laboratory staffs will take both an hair sample alongside the drug metabolites or by product. 60 or more milligrams of hair sample is needed for a hair drug screening.

A hair drug screening is performed by extracting the metabolites of the drug from the hair sample and then the drug by product or metabolite is purified and concentrated. The actual screening can be performed through a number of chromatography methods (a chromatography method will separate and analyze each individual components in a mixture) and in his case, the screening will also identify the specific drug molecules from the antibodies present in the solution.

The confirmation of the screening conducted on the hair is needed, this is because some antibodies may mistakenly be tested for the hair drugs and such can mix up with any prescription medications for drugs, and that will lead to a false positive screening result. Review

A laboratory will have to confirm the screening procedures to ensure than an accurate hair drug screening result is obtained. Gas chromatography is used as a confirmatory hair drug screening, it makes use of two- standard chemical techniques to identify the different components within a test sample, thus the actual drug to be tested for will be separated and tested using the gas-chromatography method.

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The advantage of using a hair drug screening is that it is more effective than urine tests, it can actually detect a longer period of usage of a particular drug, it is believed that some drugs such as marijuana can be easily or rapidly excreted from the body, and such drugs may not be easily detected through a urine sample but with the use of an hair drug test, samples can be collected easily and no matter how fast the drug is removed from the body, the test will detect it even with a minute sample.

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