How Drug Tests Work

How Drug Tests Work

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If you are looking to defeat drug test there are many things you can do to beat the drug test equipment. The first thing you need to have is a clear understanding of how the drug test equipment works. If you are looking for this read on and I will get into details about what the test looks for, how it works, and most importantly how you can beat it. People would have you believe that a drug test is infallible, but the truth is that if you know what you are doing you can get through it and beat the drug test.

There are many factors that determine how long a drug toxin stays in a person’s body and these factors will vary from person to person, sot here really is no tried and true method to defeat these tests. For each person and each test you will need to use something different, although the same principles apply.

The first type of drug test is the urinalysis. Just like the name suggest the test uses urine and tests those sample at a lab to see what it contains. Urine is the specimen of choice many times since it contains the most metabolites of any drug taken. There are several types of tests that can be run on the urine, but the key to defeating these tests are all similar. First off you need to drink lots of water, at least two quarts a day several days before to wash all traces out of your body. Water is a natural cleanser and assists the body in the detoxification process.

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Next, when providing a sample make sure to make it one of the later ones in the day. In addition, do not use the initial part of your stream. Try to catch it mid stream and use the last half. Before the exam, exercise and use a dry sauna to help remove the drugs from your system. However, you need to stop exercising right before the test as THC (marijuana) is fat soluble and will come out if you exercise. Avoid any toxins or medications 48 to 72 hours before your exam. Absolutely the most important thing however is to STOP USING. It is amazing to me how many people will go through all these steps and then get high right before the test. In my opinion those people deserve to get caught.

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The next type of test is hair follicle drug testing. A one inch piece of hair will contain about 50 strands and a lab can use it to detect and drug use within the past two months. If you think shaving your head will work think again because they can use any hair sample for this test. In addition if you have dark hair you are 10 to 50 times more likely to test positive. This test is nearly impossible to beat as the hair has recorded your drug use. The only hope is to shave you entire body, which in turn might be a bit suspect to your new employer.

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Companies can also use the sweat patch method and this method is highly effective, but can be defeated much the same way the urine test can. The sweat test however can be applied and done with very little intrusion and even shorter notice then the other tests, and if you are caught unprepared it can be very difficult to trick.

The most expensive and intrusive test is the blood test. This test is most effective for determining intoxication. Blood testing is primarily used in accident investigation. Marijuana can be detected up to 22 hours after ingestion through this method.


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  1. I’m going to have to disagree with you on this post. Drinking 2 quarts of water for several days before a drug test is going to be ineffective.

    Any reputable drug testing organization tests to see if a urine sample appears to be “watery”. If this is the case, the donor will be required to provide a second, and perhaps even a third sample, until the urine is in range.

    Water does not mask drugs.

  2. Can you please tell me which one indicates longer period of Usage… Blood or Pee.? and if you happen to know too if I can get completely clean after a Year without the substance, It would help me out alot

    -thank you

  3. What is the longest oxycodone will stay in the urine & blood, I’m talking about an average person. After 3 weeks can this drug still have trace levels that can be found? Also, why do the testing labs like the one above post these adverts saying a few days and all is well while others say different? Who do one listen to?



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