How A Marijuana Drug Test Works

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    Have you been smoking marijuana recently? Have you found out about an upcoming marijuana drug test? Have you figured out yet how you will be able to pass it? Many people don’t know the answers to these questions.

    They continue using illicit substances right up to the day of the test, and then they wonder why they got a positive result on the test. They don’t realize some substances stay in your system for a very long time. If you only use marijuana on special occasions, it stays in your system for at least a week. For long use over time, it may stay for up to three months.

    Marijuana drug testing can be done with the hair or the blood. Marijuana stays in the hair for up to three months. It can be detected in the blood twelve hours later. You must be very careful in knowing when your place of employment will be testing for marijuana usage. Saliva testing can also be done for detection of marijuana. It will usually show up about an hour after you inhale it. It can also linger for twenty four hours at least.

    Marijuana Drug Test

    They do have screening tests that you can purchase online or at a local pharmacy to see if your test results would be too high for your employer. May people take these tests every week to make sure they won’t get caught in case their place of work pulls an unannounced drug test. This can set the user on a destructive path to keep his superiors from finding out what he has done. Random testing is a big favorite of corporate America. With the recession happening at present, we don’t need many workers going off the deep end because they are using illegal and illicit substances.

    Hopping up your metabolism may help get the marijuana out of your system faster. Flushing your blood system may be the thing to do. Drinking plenty of water will help as it will dilute the blood a little and the urine a great deal. This will help you get a “Pass” on the marijuana drug test. No one is wanting you to be caught, but they want to help if there is a problem of any kind. Many employers help with addiction and will see you get the proper help you need if you just ask. They realize some habits are hard to break.

    Marijuana Drug Testing

    Workers who are found to be a false positive will have their sample tested elsewhere to be sure. The standard value for the high end of marijuana use is around 45-50 nanograms per milliliter. Taking Ibuprofen may interfere with the marijuana blood test. So get yourself ready for a bad day if you are using illegal substances. They will bring you down to nothing and won’t give anything back in return. They are all users after all. That is how they get into these predicaments.

    The best way to keep yourself off unemployment’s doorstep is to abstain completely. No use of marijuana is tough for anyone. They will still probably find a way to get from one place to another. Many people don’t realize the nature of the marijuana drug tests, so they ignore the rules. No More Tests, everyone will be tested on a swinging daily basis, and they need to make sure nobody could argue that discussion.


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    1. I own a drug testing lab in Virginia. The best way to avoid a positive result on a test for mariuana is to NOT take the drug. If you know that a potential employer executes his/her right to random drug testing- get another job. Do not put those around you at risk simply because you outsmarted a test one time, These employers use these tests because the work environment needs to be safe. Workers use equipment or have to make decisions that may affect the health and safety of those around him/her and being free from substances that may mire this ability is crucial.

    2. Dear Mr. Davidson

      I have abused marijuana since 9th grade. I’m 43yrs. old now and guided by the Holy Spirit, I have voluntarilly placed myself in a twelve step program to quit using and has made the decision to change my friends and the family members I keep company with.

      I need to ask, how will it take my body to detox itself without using detoxifying agents naturally.

    3. hello all
      wondering if anyone could help me with my situation. So The last time i smoked was friday 10/5/12. When I say I smoked a small amount, it’s an understatement. a couple of extremely small chunks I managed to scrape around the rim of the container (it doesn’t take much nowadays). Before that for at least 3-4 months, i would smoke 2-4 times a month (if that). So, i smoked 10/5 and had my urine test on 10/16. On 10/15 i took a 1st check home test and passed. also, on 10/15 i drank a cleansing drink at 10PM. Had the actual test on 10/16 at 2PM. Took another home test on 10/21 and passed again. Should I be worried? I need this job! if i knew it was coming up, i wouldn’t have smoked. But again, my smoking is few and far between, and there was 11 days in between and the amount i smoked on 10/5 was tiny. Any advice???? greatly appreciated

    4. Other than drug test kits, is there a way to test for cannabis? Is there a swab I can make that will detect the presence of cannabis on a surface?

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