Hair Drug Testing

Hair Drug Testing

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The whole world is getting more and more conscious of the exponentially intensification of the saga of drug addiction. It will not be wrong to say, that in the present international scenario the notion and also the influence of drug addiction happens to be fastest. It is expanding its tentacles by the day and by leaps and bounds, affecting the lives of countless people who once used to live a normal, healthy life.

For instance, only in the United States of America, there is a statistics, formulated by renowned organizations, stating that almost 24% men while 16% percent of women have admitted to be abusing at least one type of drug if not all and the number of teenagers abusing drugs is on the rise. Even its adverse effects are perceived in many other aspects of the society, of which the field of sports happen to be most important. This has led to the emergence of the notion of drug testing in the recent decades.

The growing menace of drug abuses have led the concerned organizations destined to check its growth, to invent new devices, and that has led to the beginning of the process of drug testing, that are done by the help of judging the hair. Now, there are many people to whom hair is regarded as nothing less than a person’s crowning glory, and one of the most important parts of the human body that can change your appearance, all of a sudden.

Hair Drug Test

Whatever is the role of hair, it should be noted that hair happens to be the most accurate method of detecting drug abuse in individuals. It has been learnt that through hair drug testing is highly possible and is able to detect drugs such as marijuana, cocaine, opiates and the like. It is known as the hair drug test. It has also been learnt that this form of drug testing is highly effective and is ten times more effectual than the urine drug tests.

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The prime reason behind this is that with the introduction of this manner of both modern and convenient method, it has become easier, even for schools and employers regarding the tests of students and employees respectively, for the sake of determining whether or not they have drugs in their system. The basic system of drug testing through hair, as has been learnt, do come in handy kits with instructions on how to get hair specimens, this is followed by sending those specimens to the laboratory for the sake of evaluation.

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In this context, it can be said that there are indeed several reasons that have made this process of drug testing more accurate. According to the latest evaluations and researches of eminent researchers, the time when a person is found to consume drugs, as with any other substances, such as food, medicines, or drinks, it gets mixed with our blood, and as we all know, the blood nourishes all parts of our body that also includes the head. What has been found is that the traces of these chemicals in the later period become trapped or filtered through the hair follicle. Now with the gradual growth of the hair, these chemicals are found to be stored in the hair. What is more, these chemicals become a part of the hair itself in due course!

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At this instant, with the passage of years, a good number of efficient individuals are trying to find other ways and in true sense, are keeping no stone unturned to beat the hair drug tests. While to many, one can pass it through a kind of shampoo, more than ever from companies that claim that their shampoo cleans off all the toxins in the hair, but there is no doubt that they are wrong. If a plant grows in a toxic environment, it is bound to absorb toxins which do become an inseparable part of its structure in due course, and no amount of shampoo can ever change this composition.


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  1. Our company uses a combination of drug testing methodologies. We have had a number of positive results for Cocaine, Amphetamines and Opiates with hair testing. Of the hundreds of hair samples we’ve had tested we’ve only had one positive for marijuana (THC). Is it your position that hair testing is more accurate for THC than urine testing, especially for recreational/non-chronic use? If so, please explain.

  2. Will Hydrocodone 5mg / acetaminophen 325 mg come up as an positive result for an opiate with an hair sample test. I took 2 on thursday.

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