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There are quite a number of questions that are always being asked about the legal aspect of a drug test, some of the frequently asked questions are; what happens if I fail a drug test?

Do I have to submit a drug test by law? If I fail a drug test, will I be arrested? And Can I sue for the violation of my drug test result?

What happens if I fail a drug test?

The answer o this question lies in the policies of an employer or an authority that is backed by the law to conduct the test. Under a country’s drug test law, an employer has the right to fire an employee who fails drug test and it also has the right not to hire anyone that fails the test. If you injure yourself during a test or your test result was tampered with, the state law may prohibit your employer from sacking your or may make it mandatory for them to compensate you. Some state policies allow giving an individual a second chance to redo a test. Review

Must I submit a drug test under the law?

You do not have to submit yourself to a drug test under the law, under the current program, you are as guilty as failing a drug test if you refuse to submit yourself for such testing, and until you are proven to b innocent you cannot escape from being sacked or sanctioned for failing a test. Under the law, an employer can fire you or refuse to hire you if you do not submit a drug test.

Will I get arrested for dialing a drug test?

The controversy surrounding drug testing accuracies and privacy invasion makes it really hard to get someone arrested after failing a drug test, except for alcohol, heroin and cocaine, athletes, employees and potential employees are not normally arrested after failing a drug test, but some state laws may allow an individual to be arrested after failing a drug test.

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