Employment Drug Testing Laws

Employment Drug Testing Laws

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Drugs are found all over the place now, and it’s easy for many people to get their hands on it. No longer are drugs just a problem on the streets, but they are being used where we live and work. Schools have started using drug testing just like the big businesses do before they hire you. Employment drug testing is something that many places do to make sure that you are coming into their work area clean and ready to work. However, they do not just do it when they hire you. Many of them do random drug testing throughout the year to be sure that you are staying clean and out of trouble.

There are different laws about employment drug testing, but the main thing to know is that businesses can ask that you do a drug test before they hire you. If you fail the drug test or refuse to take it, the companies have the option of not hiring you. Most of the time you hear about company drug testing being done whenever they go to hire you. This way they can see what kind of person you are before you enter into their work area.

However, it soon became known that companies did this, and people started doing things to pass the drug test. Before they would go apply for a job they would stop using drugs for a little while. This way their system came up drug free, then after being hired they would go back to using again. However, this did not fool the big businesses for long, and they found another way to help keep the work area drug free.

Employment Drug Testing

Businesses no longer just do drug tests when they first hire you. In fact, many places do random drug testing throughout the year. This way if someone starts using drugs while they are working for the company, the company will know. These businesses also have the right to fire you if you are using drugs while working for them. This is why these random drug tests are given. Bringing drugs into the work place is no laughing matter. Wherever you work there could be kids that work their too. If some of the adults are using drugs it is easy for the kids to do it too, because their co-workers are doing it also. This is not the kind of area that we want our kids and other friends to be working in. The work place should be a place where you are safe and happy. Thanks to drug testing, companies aim to keep it that way.

Employment Drug Testing Laws

Using drugs is no good for anyone, and it makes it hard to get a job if you are a user. This is just another reason why taking drugs can ruin your life. Staying drug free is something that is needed all over the world. However, this is something that has to be stop with the kids. We have to be able to keep kids drug free, and teach them that using drugs is bad. By doing this we can keep drugs, not only out of school, but out of the work place too.

THC Drug Test

In a perfect word there would be no need for employment drug testing, however, this world is far from perfect. This is not something that is going to go away anytime soon. The best way to not worry about it, is to not take drugs. Keep your system clean, and you will never have to worry about random drug tests.


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  1. As an employer you want to make sure that your employees or potential employees are free of drugs. and information provided in this blog is really very useful in this manner. There is a mendatory reqiuirement for drug testing laws in every organisation.

  2. When it comes down to employment you should be straight forward with them from the start. Whether drugs are used for recreational or medicinal, you are using drugs!! I would not want to hire someone who i asked to be straight forward from the beginning and it turned out that they lied! Lying during an interview show so much dishonesty and if I were the employer I would not want to hire an individual who was asked to speak of the truth!
    Maybe the company should have asked the individual to attend a drug rehab center, become sober and then re-interview. This way he or she has an equal opportunity to the Job. Lora http://www.drug-rehab.ca/

  3. I do not take any illegal drugs but am prescribed xanax tid and lortab prn. I am totally honest with any and all employers and have nev er had any problems because I do not abuse these but I have been told that if you are a nurse you can not even take prescribed meds. for 72 hrs. before you a nursing shift. Is this true?

  4. Any reputable drug testing company will not say a nurse is using if they are on a prescribed med from a doctor. The good testing companies will use an MRO to determine if what the nurse is taking is legal or not. If the sample in the drug test comes back non-negative it should be shipped to a lab where the MRO gets involved. The MRO then calls the nurse to ask if they are on any prescriptions. If they are the MRO then verifies that with the doctor.

    Employers do not want to lose good people because they are legally on a prescribed drug. Especially nurses because they are in short supply as it is.


  5. I have a question if anyone can help. I am legally prescribed roxycodone. I possibly have a new job that will drug test me. How will this affect me. Does the drug testing lab have the right to tell my employer or is it confidential

  6. This is a very good post. I own a drug testing lab in Virginia and I see more and more employers in our area utilizing the random drug testing option that have as employers. Your article only scratches the surface of avoiding drug use. I have read several blogs lately on why people start to use in the first place. Thanks for the post. I book marked this site and will be back.

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