Drug Testing Supplies

Drug Testing Supplies

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The writer of the following article once helped students to learn about drug testing supplies. At the conclusion of one “Red Ribbon Week,” she arranged for some California students to visit a facility where certain drug testing kits were manufactured. Although the students did not have enough knowledge to understand the science behind those kits, they could certainly appreciate the fact that a drug user faced a real challenge if he or she tried to hide his or her drug use from an employer. The writer hopes today’s employers have drug-free employees, perhaps even employees who have viewed selected test kits.

The person who conducts an online search for drug testing supplies can expect to view both pictures of products and guides to information sources. Adequate drug testing requires acquisition of both materials and information. Thus aids of all types can be found among the available drug testing supplies.

Some websites feature products that can help those who hope to “beat” a future drug test. Such websites need to offer ways for disguising past drug use during a urine, blood, saliva or hair drug test. The range of their products mirrors that need.

A drug user who must pass a urine drug test might search for a source of synthetic urine. As an alternative, the same drug user might consider buying a urine additive. Were the drug user unsure about his or her ability to disguise use of synthetic urine or a urine alternative, then the drug user might purchase a detox kit, a kit that promises to help with flushing toxins from the system.

Drug Testing Supplies

Certain detox drinks also offer help to those who must pass a blood drug test. Those drug users who expect to take a saliva drug test need a different sort of product. They need a good mouthwash. Drug users who face the prospect of a hair drug test might consider buying a special shampoo. Of course, a drug user with very short hair should try to remove the toxins in the longest hairs on his or her body.

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In addition to the products mentioned above, the drug user needs certain information. A drug user could benefit from knowledge about the length of time that any drug stays in the body. For that reason, websites with drug testing products often offer a timetable, a chart that includes details on the passage of any drug through the body.

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Some websites also allow the site viewer to obtain a list of companies that perform drug tests on employees or job applicants. Those same companies are looking for drug testing products. Of course, they do not want the sort of products that are desired by the drug user.

Employers need drug testing products that are inexpensive and easy to use. Employers must consider the conditions under which the drug test will be administered. Employers also look for proof that a drug test is not likely to produce a false positive result. An employer does not want to deal with the legal repercussions from such a result.

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At the same time, employers do not want a drug test that yields a lot of false negatives. Such a drug test would undoubtedly lead to the discontinuation of one type of drug testing, and the initiation of a search for new drug testing equipment.


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